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Alternative sailing on Lesvos island

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About Lesvos

Lesvos is situated north of Chios and south-east of Limnos.There are a lot to see and do here; spectacular mountain views, secluded and popular beaches, the petrified forest of Sigri and olive groves to walk through , producing the best olive oil in Greece. Lesvos is famous for its ouzo, sardines, Ladotyri (sheep's milk cheese kept in olive oil). You could easily spend two weeks taking in the sights and still feel as though there's so much more to see.

Lesvos is the third bigger island in Greece afterwards Crete and Evia, and the seventh bigger in Mediterranean Sea, with total extent of 1630 t.m.Mytilini is the Capital of Lesvos, seat of the University of Aegean, Ministry of Aegean, and prefecture of northern Aegean. The climate is mild and soft, with main characteristic the sunlight, which exceeds the 3000 hours annually. The medium temperature is 8-12 degrees winter and 23-27 degrees the summertime. The bas-relief of her ground is characterized by a lot of low hills and is supplemented by three mountains: the Lepetymnos in northern department (968m.), the Olympus in south (967m.) and the Ordymnos in westerners (634m.). The environment of western department of island has volcanic character, which is owed in the explosion - before twenty million years - of an inactive since then volcano. Incomparable evidence of action of volcano constitutes the petrified forest, a worldwide unique monument of nature. Also Lesvos is acquaintance from the antiquity for its healing hot springs, that and today attracts a lot of visitors. Perhaps however most important than its characteristics to be the warmth of residents, who fortunately have not been alienated by the growth of tourism and are ready to welcome you with kindness and cheer.



Lesvos araç kiralama hizmetleri

Kountouriotou 89

81100, Midilli

Lesvos, Greece

Tel: +302251037875

Fax: +302251037338



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